Bells Palsy, Vertigo, Inner Ear Disorders, Amputation, Fibromyalgia & Peripheral neuropathy Total Shoulder Replacement Achilles Tendon Repair
Post Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Weight Loss


Bells Palsy, Vertigo/Inner Ear Disorders, Amputation, Fibromyalgia 

Peripheral neuropathy

Testimonials: Nina Warren
People do not understand the value of Anodyne. It is great for anyone with neuropathy and until you try it you just don't realize it. The service is great! I could not have asked for anything better.





Total Shoulder Replacement

Testimonials: Mrs. Martha Rhodes
I have had therapy here at Elite on my knee, back and both shoulders. I've had great results each time. I like all the help I get from the staff.






Testimonials: Mrs. Evelyn McGrew
The girls at Elite are so helpful and friendly. They try in every way to see and make sure you are okay with each exercise. I was pleased with the service and attention I received.







Post -Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

Testimonials: Mike Neeley (Left) & Brent Williams (Right)
Elite has really helped me to recover from my auto accident. They are very professional with their work.






Weight Loss

Testimonials: Mrs. Inez Lane
Being diabetic with no physical activity I felt that going to Elite and getting a physical program that I could do at home would help my diabetes and help me to lose weight. My blood sugar has dropped and my legs are stronger! The staff and therapists are wonderful and so motivating!






Achilles Tendon Repair

Testimonials: Randall Harvey
I enjoyed working with Elite Staff on my road to recovery with my Achilles tear. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable in the area of rehabilitation. I would recommend Elite to anyone wanting a quick recovery.